WIZE is a local brand, specializing in the production of natural nut butters, with the goal to create products with minimalist ingredients, free of added oils and sugar. Made with wisdom and great

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it contain sugar?

All Wize products are free of refined sugar, hydrogenated oils or preservatives! Some flavors are sweetened with dates: pistachios and pecans only!

  • How long is the delivery/shipping time?

Delivery ranges between 2 to 3 working days outside Jeddah, while inside Jeddah a maximum of one working day (in normal conditions).

  • What is damaged during shipping or delivery?

The packaging is tight and safe and there is no harm from the presence of the products at the headquarters of the delivery company for several days

What will be damaged if exposed to heat during shipment?

There is no need to worry in this case, the products are not affected by heat, the important thing is that they do not receive moisture, and we would like to draw your attention to the fact that butter is kept in cans.

Glass, not plastic, which makes it non-reactive when exposed to heat.

• I'm on a diet, are the products suitable for a diet?

excellent! Natural Wise Butter is suitable for dieters as it is free of sugar and hydrogenated oils and with excellent ingredients. The healthy fats in butter make you feel full and contribute to improving the burning/metabolism process, according to studies.

  • Are the products suitable for a vegetarian diet?

Yes! Strongly suited for vegans, as it is completely free of animal products.

  • Are the products suitable for the keto diet?

Yes! Suitable for dieters who are low on starch/carbohydrate diets. We would like to point out that there is a small natural local presence

My flavours: pistachio and pecan nuts.

  • Should I keep it in the fridge or not?

No need to store butter in the fridge, keep it at room temperature and away from moisture, stirring it with a clean spoon before each use!

  • Why is there oil at the top of the package?

The separation of the oil in the nut butter is a good sign because we do not use additional and useless ingredients to prevent the separation, do not dispose of the existing oils because they contain the extracts of oils and vitamins, easily stir them with a spoon and enjoy the taste and benefit!

  • Do you have a discount code?

If you are a new friend and you are not interested, call us on the chat and give good news, there is also a loyalty program for regular customers.

  • Where did you get your products?

Our products are available in:

  • grandmother

Homegrown Market

Al Rawda District, DOMVS Building, 2nd Floor

  • Riyadh

guava for organic food

Promoter neighborhood

  • Dhahran

guava for organic food

Qusour District

  • Confused what to ask?

We recommend you to try the Wise mini set in small size! You won't regret :)

  • If I have a problem, who do I contact?

You can contact us via the chat on the page or through social networks @wizebutter

You can also email us at


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